Position Zero SEO: A Guide to Optimizing for Featured Snippets in Search

A position-one ranking in search results for an important keyword used to be the holy grail of SEO. But today, the page that ranks in position one is not necessarily the first organic search result displayed. For many queries, Google now displays a featured snippet above the number one spot. Featured snippets appear in position zero, displaying site content and a link above all other page-one results.

5 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Freelance Writers

5 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Freelance Writers

When posting ads for hiring freelance writers, too many companies make critical mistakes. These mistakes limit the freelancer’s ability to customize pitches, and they hamper the employer’s ability to look at a few key elements that illustrate the writer’s talents. If you’re struggling to find quality freelance writers, consider if you’re making the following mistakes in your job posts.

The 7 Crucial Principles of Agile Content Marketing

Agile works particularly well for software development because the process of writing and releasing code is exceptionally complex. For the same reason, it’s also effective when used for content marketing. By applying the following seven principles to your agile content marketing initiatives, you can reduce waste, deliver campaigns with proven effectiveness, and improve the efficiency with which your team operates.

How to Create a Flexible, Value-Driven Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan

Because content marketing offers limitless opportunities, executing it without a plan can be detrimental. If unfocused, your efforts may yield little value. A content marketing plan allows you to identify which specific tasks provide the most value. Efforts can then be focused on those tasks, eliminating waste and increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How to Earn Quality Backlinks: A Guide for Introverts

Most of the advice for building backlinks requires reaching out to strangers, announcing your content, asking for a link, or pitching a guest post. The problem for introverts is that initiating conversations with strangers—whether in person or online—is a nightmare. But introvert or not, earning links is necessary for success in search.

How Managing Your Expectations Expedites Website Development

When building a new website, it’s natural to want the best of everything. The problem is building the best website anyone’s ever seen is incredibly time consuming. You’ll spend many months and thousands of dollars waiting for your site to be perfect before it goes live, but the whole time you’re building it, you’re losing out on potential revenue.

How to Create Content That’s Perfect for Repurposing

Repurposing content can be an effective strategy at the beginning of the content creation process. With careful thought and planning, a single piece of content can be transformed into a lead- and traffic-generating machine that caters to a variety of learning styles and minimizes the amount of effort content marketers must put into coming up with new topic ideas.

Silent Facebook Video Marketing: 13 Brilliant and Inspiring Ads

Success in video marketing on Facebook requires revisiting best practices from the silent film era: research has shown that most Facebook videos are played without sound. The findings make a lot of sense—people browsing Facebook at work or in public probably don’t want to draw attention to themselves with blaring audio.